Step 1: The customer decides what kind of product they want

From wallpapers to cut-out stickers, IconDesignDXB provides its customers with an excessively large number of options when it comes to interior Decor. All you need is to decide the kind of wall paper you want to purchase and want us to design for them.

Step 2: The customer comes up with a design

Each and every single one of the different kinds of products that we offer to our clients come with a virtually unlimited number of colors, hundreds of different customizable elements, completely customizable layouts that are based on fluid grids, more than fifty placeholders designed to display custom content, and the option to create variant custom sub-themes. Plus, our customers also get to choose the design that they want printed on the product that they have chosen. Customers need to come up with complete design plans that not only include the design that they want to be printed on their product but also an elaborate customization plan that accounts for every single customizable element.

Step 3: The customer sends us the design

Once a person has created their design plan and knows what design they want, they send their plans and designs to us. We here at IconDesignDXB are all about customization and personalization, which is why we take our customers’ designs very seriously and make sure that the designs of our products are exactly as requested by our customers.

Step 4: The customer’s product is created

Once we have all the design plans and designs we need, the product that the customer has chosen is created. Our customers are provided with an estimated amount of time which creating their product will presumably take, and we try our best to make sure that it takes less time to create the product than what we have provided to the customer. Furthermore, we take every measure we possibly can to make sure that the products we create are of the utmost quality.

Step 5: The finished product is delivered to the customer

Once you have purchased the design, We will come to take the final measurement and within couple of days we will print and fix the wallpaper at your desired location. We here at IconDesignDXB make sure that the delivered product is exactly what was promised to the customer and that the delivered product can stand up to even the best of scrutiny and meets the highest of standards.