How can we select the products from icon store?

You just need to visit our website, select the category i.e Wallpapers; Stickers, Canvas frames or Curtains Select the desirable material* and sizes to proceed with the order. Once we received an order confirmation our team will call you for further information. How would you come to know the exact details of my place/area for which we are covering? That is purely not your headache because it is our duty to contact and visit you for taking the exact measurement of the desired surface. This is done after you have place the order.

How the price is set up by icon for the installation of any product?

There is no rocket science in finalizing the cost as once you have selected the design for the wallpaper; curtains or cutout and the measurements of the desired surface Item cost will appear automatically. Where as for the canvas frames prices are fixed and can be selected easily from the drop down menu on the product page.

How can we select customized designs at icon?

For example if you want to make necessary changes in the artwork such as colors that can be done after placing the order. More over if you want to customize a design of your choice you can just click on the customize button and fill the form with the reference images. Once we have received an inquiry from your side we will give you a call to clarify further information if required with the quoted price.

How effective is your installation of the product?

Our technical team makes sure that they follow the most safest and hygienic procedures to fix the wallpapers and stickers. How can the maintenance be done after installation of the product? It is quite easy to maintain the wallpapers or the curtains after installation, as you only need to wipe down with a damp cloth and water to clean it up.

How can we remove the wallpaper if required?

As you know that we place the wallpaper with a water solution and paste it up against the wall, hence, when you need to remove it, just pull them from one end and they will easily be removed from the wall making sure no damage is done to the wall. However in case of vinyl material we do not guarantee the safety of wall paint while removal.

Is the wallpapers washable?

Yes, you can easily wash the wallpaper by the wet damp cloth as we have made the maintenance easier for our customers. Can we select the design From Icon’s Office? Yes, you are more than welcome and we will be willingly assisting you in making your selection. However for your ease we recommend to make the selection from our website Or Facebook page.

Is our designs only limited to wallpapers and stickers?

No, not at all! Whatever surface you are looking at we will be glad to print that for you. We literally have unlimited types of designs and printable material to cover all types of surface so it doesn’t matter if it’s a wallpaper, lamp or carpet we are here to help!